Reign of Winter

Session Three: The complications of party-involvement.

Draknai's personal thoughts

Ever hear the term “wrong place, wrong time?” I experienced that on this day, getting recruited as part of a group, something I’ve spent my entire life avoiding. Although our time has been short, a part of me is really starting to believe that this could have been a grave mistake.

I’m used to being on my own, getting to and from where I need to be with relative ease. That is until I was approached by a very lovely witch who goes by the name, “Eirwyn Le Snaedis” who just so happened to be heading the same direction I was. I shrugged and thought “What’s the worst that could happen?” and headed out with the group she had recruited. Who knew that same day I would start to see why her last group left her. Instigating an assault on a trapped swarm then quickly leaving us to deal with the situation on our own. Where was the loyalty to one’s party members? Why would she so quickly abandon that which she just recruited? The rest of us who had been left to fend for ourselves, did our best to push through but unfortunately were forced to start fleeing into the cabin. It did seem that the swarm had dispersed, which Eirwyn said she was responsible for, but in the end no one saw it. Trusting a coward’s words has never been a worthwhile venture. I’ve seen enough horrific sights to know why that’s a mistake.

After taking a night to rest and recover in the empty cabin, we continued to make way across a bridge and through the snow where we encountered some undead. A battle that was over rather quickly, but maybe not quickly enough in our druid’s eyes.

Making our way forward, we found a dead explorer and his journal along the way, taking a moment to read it in a sheltered hole. After finishing the journal, we kept going, where we ended up fighting tree-like monsters.
Another battle that ended without any difficulty.Shortly after, we ended up running into an area covered in bear traps, where I learned the people I traveled with had an innate fear of traps. Such a fear that they seemed to all freeze and cower where they stood. How did I end up with this group again? How was I supposed to work with these people? After taking care of the traps on my own,I ended up finding the chain of a trap that was buried in the snow, but as we pulled it out, we found it was broken and a trail of blood nearby leading away from it. After a bit of indecisiveness, we decided to follow the trail and see where it lead. We discovered the home of a rather large White Weasel that was licking its wounds. Unfortunately we were unable to calm it down from its emotional state and it got defensive and tried to kill us. We ended up having to put it down.

We made camp inside its cave and although I’m on edge being around these people, by the end of the day I was beginning to see the potential of being with them. I’ll keep one eye open for now, but maybe this could work. Maybe I’ll learn to trust them. Only time will tell.



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